Country Club “The Noble House” prides itself to having more than sufficient capable staff available whereas professional qualified personnel is there also to assist or teach.

Security personnel are always available in each responsible Hotel environment. “The Noble House”, takes the importance of its members very serious and our responsibility will therefore go beyond the “standard”. We have engaged the services of the world’s No 1 ‘Crime Fighter and Anti- Terrorist Specialist, who has more than excellent ‘inroads’ to all the agencies worldwide. Being forewarned of any action, this always will be done non-intrusive and on a low profile

Personal effects” Although there are small safes in each bedroom of each individual suite - Villa or Pyrament - real valuable items may be saved in one of three Country Club’s vaults.

The Noble Beach Experience”- Here you will find a “Boathouse” including Restaurette and terraces from which to enjoy the views whilst enjoying a drink or snack. Beach chairs are available on the beach itself, all being covered against the sun by a number of large parasols. The boathouse however, functions as the storage for the mini-subs, jet-skis and all other equipment needed to go snorkeling, deep-sea diving, para-gliding, power-boating, surfing or just swimming. On the pier there are large Catamarans moored, capable to take on 12 people, each with 4 ships’ operators on each of them of which 3 will serve guests. Fishing of course is also an option. 

The Noble Air Command” – This “Unit” is set up, to ship members to neighboring islands (Java Borobodour & Jakarta, Komodo-dragons) and even neighboring countries (Singapore, Malysia and even Australia)from the premises of the club via our international airport, also offering our members beautiful views of Sumbawa, Lombok, Bali and even Java. This “Unit” has 8 V.I.P. Westland helicopters as well as three Gulfstreams G650 and for larger parties two Corporate Boeing B787-9 Dreamliners or even 1 Boeing B747-8/VIP . 

 “The Noble Equestrian Center”- This comprises five “barns” holding (30) horses and (15) ponies. It has a training area and a special paths will cover the grounds across the Country Club - two of them leading to the beach, one to have a beach run and another one to ride through mangroves. 

Two 18 Hole Professional Golf Courses”- These ‘designer’ Golf Courses have their own ‘Club House’ with a large lounge and large dining area flanked by a very spacious bar and an outside terrace with under-cover shading from the sun. Lounge, dining area and terrace may accommodate up to 300 people each. The 18-hole golf courses are to be found right across the project, in between the villas without creating any intrusion – spaces between villas and golf course are more than ample to ensure a maximum of privacy at all times. For a quick game there is also a 9 hole golf course or one can use the Drive Range.

The Sumbawa Cultural Exhibition Center”- Being created to bring our guests closer to the different cultures and art forms of Indonesia. Wood and stone sculptors, painters, cloth craftsmen and cloth painters next to all other kind of specific trades aligned with Indonesian culture will be offered space in this very large part of the building.

The Noble Reception” – This is where our guest will, after being registered, be met by a hostess who will already have seen to it that their luggage has been transferred to their particular lodging, may that be a suite, a villa or a Pyrament. The back room of the reception area will open up to another reception desk and about 500 cloth lockers for people to leave their garments when taking a dip in our large indoor pool.

The Noble Restaurant” – This restaurant has a seating capacity of 700 people and the food provided is all “made to order” and in line with what guests have stipulated they would like to eat during their stay at the Country Club. Members are served by their own personal staff. The very large and ultra modern kitchen, with the latest technology regarding containment of smells and odors is located under the restaurant and lounge

The Noble Lounge” – The lounge like the restaurant can entertain 700 people and has a bar as well. The seating is very comfortable and here too one is served by his own private staff. Snacks can be served here as well.

Hospital - The Club has his own Hospital, doctors and nurses, with a fully equipped operation room, an ambulance and a special emergency helicopter.
Dinner In The Sky is a high flying dining experience that takes 22 guests to a viewing height of up to 180 feet. The 22 guests are each comfortably strapped into leather seats that are secured to a dining table.
Pyraments Four buildings, each containing 10 three-floor pyraments built on an artificial mound, which holds a large garage, storage, cool-cells and laundry rooms.
The first floor will have 3 ultra-large bedrooms with ‘en suite’ bathrooms and 4 bedsitters for servants. The second floor will also have 3 ultra-large bedrooms with ‘en suite’ bathrooms, whilst the top floor will comprise a large living area, a large dining room, a fully equipped kitchen and a toilet group. 
An elevator that leads from the underground parking area all the way to the rooftop, will lead one to the rooftop swimming-pool, covering the whole rooftop, together with a restaurette and several lounging area’s. The buildings, all having a pristine view over the Sumbawa Sea, are situated next to one another, yet at a 15% angle of each other, so as not to be able to see anyone on the adjacent building. These buildings are separated by jet another building that is designed to hold large presentations, conferences, shows etc. It has a film theater on the first floor and large reception area and a dance floor for parties on the top floor.

Villas, of which 60 are to be found, spread over the premises, thus providing a large amount of privacy. Each type will comprise a large living room, a spacious dining room, a fully-equipped kitchen and an appropriate number of bedrooms, each with an ‘en suite’ bathroom/toilet, a private pool, plus a laundry room, servants’ quarters and car port with appropriate-size electric vehicle(s).

Suites (60), are to be found on the left and right of the reception area under the indoor ski-slope, and comprise of two different types, that are spacious,, having a large living room, a large dining room, a kitchen and bedroom(s) with ‘en suite’ bathroom plus toilet area. Outside is their own covered parking space for the suitably-sized electric vehicle.

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