Humanity & Environment

Although the Country Club “The Noble House” is doing everything in its power to be “green” (solar energy, desalination plant, transportation on the premises by Horse and Kart, or electric buggy) it has as a back-up in an underground facility with four 763 KvA generators, enough to provide at least half the island of Sumbawa with electricity. Motorized vehicles will only be allowed on the premises if they are going from the motor/car pool area towards the outside of the grounds, or coming from outside the grounds, going towards the motor/car pool area.

We will create a fish-farm that will enable to feed both our clients as well as our personnel, next to setting up a fruit-farm as well as plots where we will grow vegetables and of course we will create our own rice-fields.

A Botanic garden is part of our contribution to mother nature as well.

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