Club activities

Sumbawa Country Club “The Noble House” will offer its members a ‘door to door Royal Treatment’ against a South East Asian background and culture, where one might feel living in yester year’s environment but with the most modern amenities and services available. 
All suites, villas and pyraments are fitted with fully-equipped kitchens, laundry facilities and regularly maintained and serviced pools/Jacuzzi.
All foods, drinks, services, means of transport and all amenities and facilities for the use of, are all inclusive and covered within ‘membership fees’.
Equally lodgings and transportation (over a 30 year period) are being accounted for in the one-time membership fees. 
All facilities and amenities are well serviced by qualified personnel and safety and security of our members is paramount. Members will have the benefit of:
Indoor Ski-slope (inclusive of bob-sledge track)
Five hundred (500) meter speed skating track (including stands)
Four (4) lane Curling area
Indoor and outdoor climbing wall
Indoor sport center with:
  • Four tennis courts
    One basketball court
    One volleyball court
    Four squash courts
    One racket ball court
    One bowling-alley(8-lanes) court
    Two Badminton courts
    One Lacrosse court
    Four table tennis courts
    One indoor soccer court
    Two Jeu-de-Boule courts
    One 50-meter swimming-pool
    One 10-meter swimming-pool(infants)
    Surf simulator
Most of these sports can also be exercised outdoors, also where one can find the following extras: 
Dinner in the sky
Excursions to the abundant places of interest (temples, arts and craft centers, volcanoes, etc)
Hot air ballooning
Transportation: to any and all excursions, by means of luxurious modes of transportation (helicopter, Mercedes fleet of vehicles)
Pool surfer
Big chess board
Cycle paths/mountain bike path
Clay pigeon shooting 
Archer range
Floating with air-power
A Maze
18 hole Golf courses plus clubhouse
9 hole Golf course
Drive range 
Helicopter excursions 
Horseback riding and tracking/hiking

Beach location:
Deep sea diving
Water ski
Para gliding
Mini Submarines
Water rocket
Jet ski
Water bikes
Sea going Yacht    

Spa and Fitness

A luxurious treatment administered by a team of our therapists, including deep massage with exotic oils and herbs, and the placement of warm volcanic stones on the chakras, the body’s seven energy centers, providing total relaxation and a soothing anti-stress effect. Warm stones used in combination with aromatic oils to rehydrate the skin: the Spa’s menu is designed to offer a series of complete treatments that integrate Asian and European approaches all at the ocean’s edge.

The Noble House Spa focuses on overall wellness and offers a program based on treating the outside in order to harmonize the inside, a holistic concept inspired by Asian and European traditions. Every treatment combines sophisticated massage and skincare techniques with the use of exclusive, scientifically advanced products with natural ingredients of the highest quality and purity: blends of essential oils and plant extracts selected in function of their specific properties and applied in function of the guest’s individual needs.

The Noble House Fitness Center is equipped with High technologically advanced equipment that ensures a healthy and effective approach to exercise. To Maximize guests available time and effort and to archive the best form and healthiest physical state as quickly as possible. Country Club The Noble House offers the skill and friendly professionalism of a personal trainer who designs a personalized program for each guest.

Our Noble House Space Adventure.
For a limited time and subject to age and health inspection by a qualified team of physicians, we will offer each member and his “entourage” the possibility to become a space cadet and be qualified a true “Astronaut”. This is truly a ‘once in a life time’ opportunity. One will be taken into space and actually can see the whole Earth, right above oneself as one will be flying upside down once in outer space. This will NOT be done from our Sumbawa Country Club “The Noble House” but will still be part and parcel of our concept (To do just that what others don’t) Although the flight itself will not take that long, the memory and proof (by means of a document and a plaque on the wall) of having become an astronaut will last a lifetime.

This adventure will NOT coincide with one’s week or weeks at the Sumbawa Country Club “The Noble House”, but could possibly be arranged the day prior to one’s stay at the Sumbawa Country Club “The Noble House” (Certain proprietary data and rights will apply however) 

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