Key Players

President and Founder
Lord Bart-Jan Mathôt of Loch Leven and Glencoe, Sumbawa Country Club "The Noble House"s President and founder.
Born in 1949 in Batavia which was renamed Djakarta 23 days after his birth, being the fourth one of five children of a Dutch couple, he left Indonesia with his parents in November 1957 to further his education in Holland. Has started his business life, after having served in the Royal Dutch Navy, in the Hotel and Catering industry with companies like Wagon Lits & Cook, Grand Metropolitan Hotels and Tetley's Breweries switched to the banking and insurance industry, first for companies like Hambro and Nationale Nederlanden then starting his own international sales company with divisions in insurance, advertising, tax services and chemical products. The latter made him end up in the aviation sector where he created some outstanding ideas to serve his clients. His drives in business are: High Service, Unbeatable Quality, Integrity, Loyalty and Perfection. He is an outspoken family man and believes that honesty always pays off. Having lived in The Netherlands, Belgium , the U-K and now Indonesia, he is well aware of cultural differences, but tries to blend in where and whenever possible.

Vice-President and CEO and Co-Founder
Albrecht (Bert) Beckers, when asked by Lord Bart-Jan Mathôt of Loch Leven and Glencoe, jumped to the chance to once more getting into the saddle.
Presently Living in Davao, Mindanao, Philippines.
Bert was born on December 15th 1961 in Hasselt, Belgium. Having finished secondary school, he joined the Belgium Army. After 11years in the Army he left to start a career in insurance, in particular life insurance, where sales became his forte.
Having married in 1987, he became a proud father of 3 sons.
From February 2002 till September 2009 Bert was an independent sales operator and consultant in Arbitration and Mediation for a very reputable juristic company. His knowledge of the industry made him a prominent figure in the business where his clients recommended him for his professionalism in giving them first line juristic advice and mediation. Needless to say that his client base grew exponentially in such a way that it became a logical step for the company to offer him the job as Director of Sales in August 2007, overseeing 11 salespeople.
On September 2009 Bert had in his personal portfolio more than 400 companies spread over Belgium which he advised and mediated for at the same time functioning as a think tank for the company.
October 2009 was the time when he made possibly the most important decision in his life as he relocated to the Philippines to start a new life.
After being for 18 months in General Santos he went to Davao Calinan where he presently lives with his girlfriend. Totally independent, he worked from home where Forex and functioning as a “think tank” for different companies kept him busy.
October 2011 Lord Bart-Jan Mathot of Loch Leven and Glencoe,a long time business acquaintance discussed with him an idea regarding his views involving a total new and innovative Hospitality concept involving “door to door Royal Treatment at the highest level possible” by means of a 90 year membership and together they work out “The Country Club “The Noble House” project.
Diplomatic but strait to the point, a true salesman, negotiator and leader. He has the knowledge and the qualities regarding many topics. People meeting him for the first time, feel that they can open up and that what they bring to bear is to important him. Dominant hobby is reading books of which Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar and Norman Vincent Peale inspire him.

The Management Board: 

George W. Gilbert, Director of Aviation Services
A (U.S. & Irish citizen) having 2 passports. Residing In Belgium; He has the right to work in Belgium,with a national ID # as well as any other EU. country. Over forty years of aviation experience! Starting with the US Air Force in July of 1966-1970 My MOC one or two engine aircraft. Achieved the rank of sergeant. Honorably discharged in July of 1972. Four years active; & two years inactive reserve! Worked for several major airlines of the USA! Experienced world travel for a number of years as a maintenance representative & flight engineer!
Co-founded Allied Aircraft Assistance Worldwide Association;(AAAWA); in the beginning it was a solution company to DHL and other operators flying through Brussels International Airport! Supplying personnel, as well as ground support, via our registered Belgium company AEV International. AAAWA & Radiant Energy worked diligently to install a Eco friendly platform @ Bru. to no prevail as of the demise of "Sabena" DHL didn't want to carry the cost alone! As the Co-founder & COO of AAAWA he attended many conferences, and have worked with multitudes of governmental departments in Africa, USA, Southeast Asia, and through out Europe to progress the companies position! At present were working on Aviation Environmental Issues with-in the European Commission for Bio fuels alternatives!  

Herold H. Warembengan, Director Hospitality Services

Herold H. Warembengan, was handpicked by Lord Bart-Jan, as he showed a form of experience and craft in the industry that seems to be very hard to find  these days. His views corresponded with the goals of the project, making him a natural candidate for the job of Managing Director in our first Country Club “The noble House”. No doubt his more than 30+ years of experience in the Industry will help him in making this a success.

Howard Rearick, Director of Security & Safety
Peter D. Mathot, Director Quality Control & Media

The Advisory Board: 

Charles Brincat, Physician
John Cremona, International Counsel
Lou Marrero, Aviation services


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