Thursday, May 23, 2013

Country Club “The Noble House”

On November 2011, the Hospitality Industry got enriched with a brand new, spectacular concept, targeting the High – and Ultra High Nett Worth Individuals, involving a service ‘not heard of or experienced ever before’.

Lord Bart-Jan MathÔt of Loch Leven and Glencoe, semi-retired and trying to do a favor for someone who approached him, finding out that the person was trying to lead him into a scam, immediately focused on the information he had gathered and coming up with the most daring, ultimate concept in the Hospitality Industry.
In fact the concept he wanted to follow was one that he had cherished for decades even during the time he worked for companies like Wagon Lists and Cook, Grand Metropolitan Hotels and Tetley Breweries Hotel division.
The concept being so ‘ultimate’ that it could only address those that could afford it and with his years of experience with companies like Hambro, Investment Annuity Life Assurance and Nationale Nederlanden, after which he set up an insurance agency/tax advisory with his partner Hans ‘s-Gravendijk(†) and then a series of companies which followed and were set up in the advertising - , the chemical - , and aviation services industries, helped him to think that NOW was the time to follow his dreams and make them come through.

After an initial overrun of the concept he approached Albrecht Beckers, a long time business acquaintance, turned friend, also semi-retired but living in The Philippines and explained his idea.
Mr. Beckers, only needing half a word, got very enthusiastic and together they started working on the idea of setting up a Country Club like none in the world.
The venue will be called Country Club “The Noble House” with a prefix of the area it will be located. Presently the instigators have chosen 7 locations worldwide, but like to stay away from overcrowded locations. For that reason the choice of the first one has fallen on the island of Sumbawa, Indonesia