Sumbawa, Indonesia

Sumbawa Country Club “The Noble House”, is to be located on Sumbawa – which is the lesser known and less touristic island within the Indonesian Archipelago.
Built against the rising landscape, buildings comprise 60 one-bedroom and 60 two-bedroom units, 60 villas ranging from two-bedroom to seven-bedroom units and appropriately spread four (4) Pyraments (half pyramid shaped, 3 story apartments with a pool on the roof).
Each facility will have its own personnel/staff in line with the number of occupants (Major Domo, Chef, chamber maid(s), private driver(s) and (where applicable a pool- assistant) a fully-equipped kitchen, laundry facility and clean views of the sea.
Sumbawa Country Club “The Noble House” will have the benefit of a fleet of transport facilities available, from push bikes to sport bikes, mountain bikes, motorbikes, tricycle bikes and quads.
Also available is an all Mercedes fleet ranging from Smart vehicles, two seat convertibles, four seat convertibles, five seat sedans, limousines and Off-Road vehicles, next to half a dozen of VIP Helicopters enabling our members to move around the island or hop over to another.
At the beach one will find “The Boat House” - where each imaginable activity regarding sea/beach combination can be arranged - the Sumbawa Country Club “The Noble House” will have jet-skis, speedboats with para-gliding opportunities, catamarans, a yacht and even 3 mini-submarines allowing twelve passengers and ‘driver’ each. Possibility to go snorkeling or even deep-sea diving are also available.
One’s Butler/Major Domo should be capable to attend to all our guests’ needs’, but will be assisted with our very efficient Front Desk service.
As the land targeted to set up the Sumbawa Country Club “The Noble House” has a 6 km beachfront, safety for our members is guaranteed by having different activities on different stretches of beach or sea area.

Apart from the aforementioned services, “The Club” offers a complete in- and outdoor sport-center where it is possible to entertain any kind of sport one would like to entertain. One also will find several both indoor as well as outdoor Spa's, Fitness-centers as well as Saunas, Hot – and Cold water baths, Aqua jogging and Meditation-centers, a clay pigeon as well as an archery shooting range.

The fleet of helicopters will ensure that our guests can go and visit other islands in the archipelago, amongst them for instance the islands of Komodo (Komodo Dragon !) and Bali, where it is even possible for our members to have a lay-over in one of the three mini-resorts, “The Noble House” Organization also owns and where our services will be extended.

These three mini-resorts are the stepping stone for our personnel to get trained and prepared to work at the Sumbawa Country Club “The Noble House”, virtually guaranteeing that the service provided in these mini-resorts will be of a level others would find difficult to follow and as our members during their stay in one of these mini-resorts, will still enjoy the full services of their personal staff, there will be no lapse in service and/or experience.

On The Country Club “The Noble House” premises in Sumbawa however, one can also enjoy one of the largest ‘Indoor ski-slopes’ (with real snow) in the world inclusive of bob-sledge facility, an ice-rink and even a professional 500 meter speed skating track, complete with stands and Zambozies. At the top of this building, one will find a ‘restaurette’ and one floor higher an observatory, which as this building is the highest in the area will provide a breathtaking view to the visitor(s). The ski-slope itself is 100 by 600 meters

Part of this building and uder the ski-slope however one will find “The Plaza”, which has a glass floor, a glass ceiling, glass walls and a glass column of 2meters in diameter and behind the glass one will see an abundance of fish and other sea creatures providing a breathtaking experience as it seems that the tables are turned, since the creatures in the water can observe our members in the middle. One also will find in the plaza a total glass indoor swimming pool as part of the fun to be able to swim with the fish without being put in a position that could complicate matters.

Also at the end of the Plaza, one will find a kind of art gallery where all kinds of Indonesian arts and crafts are on display and if a member is interested to acquire an artifact, will either get the member to the artist so the member can see other material as well or if the member is dead set to get that particular item, we will make sure the artist will come and visit “The Club”. One will also find 40 shops of “High End Fashion - and Jewelry Shops”, with a few little bistro’s to rest if needed.
Off course the Sumbawa Country Club “The Noble House” will boast both two 18 as well as one 9 hole professional ‘signature’ Golf Courses, inclusive of drive range, but one will also find a massive Equestrian Center with some 30 horses and 15 ponies, which can provide a nice ride over both the grounds as well as the shores of the club.

If any of our members venues an experience in a balIoon, he or she can do that in a single one operated by an experienced balloonist or with a group enjoying a “dinner in the sky”, a dinner which is served to a party of minimal four and maximal 8 people, whereby a plexiglass floor with on it a table and chairs will be taken in the air and where once on the desired height, a full dinner inclusive of wines will be served.

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