Butler Service

To begin with, Sumbawa Country Club "The Noble House" is unique, by providing members a ‘door to door "Royal Treatment" which entails a personal pickup by limousine from once home, to be driven to the nearest airport where a Gulfstream G650 will whisk one non-stop to Sumbawa where one will be welcomed by one’s own private butler, attending to the very needs of his master/mistress and his master's/mistress’ party. As our butlers are trained by "The Guild of Professional English Butlers" it is safe to say that every one will benefit from of the ultimate 'home-away-from-home' experience as expertise and craftsmanship will trickle down the chain of command proving to be unraveled and without peer.
The Butler/Major Domo is in all reality the ‘king-pin of one’s stay as he will deal with every request, even to the extent that if the member wants to travel, it will be the Butler that will make the arrangements and he will accompany his master/mistress, unless specifically requested not to.

Note: If requested the limousine service will bring an attendant to help our member and his party to pack their cases and the Sumbawa Country Club The Noble House will if requested supply the cases even as they will be tailor-made to fit in the aircraft’s freight compartment.


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